Prakash Web Offset Pvt. Ltd Verified by 158+ customers Prakash NW B-500 T-shirt/W Cut Non Woven Bag Making

  • Faridabad
  • Posted on 4th March 2021


  • It adopts the PLC programmable logic controller as main control, Touch screen.(Made in Taiwan)
  • Unwinding Tension is controlled by magnetic system.
  • Edge Positioning control System (EPC).
  • Equipped with photoelectric tracking material, stopping automatically when the material is finished.
  • Stepping Motor for feeding material(YASKAWA servo motor).
  • Photoelectrical eyes for tracking  printed bag and the feeding error.
  • Vector invertor as speed regulator.
  • Ultrasonic for cross sealing for export standard quality.
  • Automatic accounting and set table counting alarm.
  • Automatic Hydraulic roll Stand.
  • Online T-shirt bag automatic punching unit is optional.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model - Prakash NW-B500

Production Speed - 20-120pcs/min

Unwinding fabric Width - 1100mm

Bag Width - 100-450mm

Bag Length - 200-1200mm

Non-woven fabric specification(G.S.M) - 18-120gsm

Bag making precision - ±0.5mm

Power Supply - 220V

Total Power(Single Phase 220V) - 6 KW

Crossing Ultrasonic - 153mm 3 Pcs.

T-shirt Part Ultrasonics - 70mm 1 Pcs.

Overall Size - 5300x1750x2100mm

Weight - 1500 KG

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