Prakash Web Offset Pvt. Ltd Verified by 158+ customers Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine-S-PBM-450

  • Faridabad
  • Posted on 4th March 2021


  • Easy to use and operator friendly
    machine, helps in giving high production
    and maintenance free.
  • Fully automatic with plc control
    gives full control over the machine.
  • Small footprint enables easy
    installation and less space requirement.
  • Automatic lubrication system,
    increases machine life considerably.
  • Pneumatic reel lifting helps in quick
    changeover and less labor.
  • Auto tension control system keeps
    bag quality and finishing as per the
    international standards.
  • Automatic counting system helps in easy collection of finished paper bags and simpler production planning.


Small Footprints And Compact Designs

The compact design of the machine, ensures that the paper travels smoothly. This helps in producing better quality paper bags and with better finishing.

Simplistic Tube Forming System

Prakash paper bag machine comes with simple system to adjust tube formation. This greatly helps in varying paper bag sizes and operator freindliness. Tube forming can be adjusted on
the go and is fool proof to maintain high production.

Fully Automatic Glue Supply System

Automatic glue supply system is adopted for coating at the bottom. If the amount of glue in the glue tank is insufficient, the glue will be supplied automatically to avoid glue solidification after the machine stops.

Automatic Counting System

The machine has automatic counting system. Not only it counts the total bags produced but operator can preset small batch size. As soon as small batch size is reached, one bag is slightly kicked out of the stack, making it quite easy to recognize and collect

Touchscreen And Plc

Prakash machine uses highly adaptive touch screen and PC control system. This user friendly GUI shows real time data to the operator, enhancing ease of work. Highly precise servo motors are also controlled by the PC.

Color Mark Tracking System

Precise cut to print is achieved by highly accurate print mark sensor. Machine software easily reads print mark on the paper and cuts the paper bag length as per the mark. This feature helps in maintaining paper bag sizes and repeatability. In printed bags, this feature is quite useful as the printing does not shift during productions.


Bag Width(W) - 260-450 MM

Bottom Size (H) - 85-180 MM

Bag Tube Length (L) - 270-530 MM

Bag Length(L) - L=C -(H/2+15~25)

Max Speed - 180 Pcs/Min

Paper Thickness - 80-180 MM

Paper Roll Width - 700-1250 MM

Max. Roll Diameter - 1200 MM

Reel Inner Diameter - 76 MM

Total Power - 11 KW

Weight Of Machine - 6200 KG

Overall Dimension(L x W x H) - 8500x2100x1900 MM

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