Prakash Web Offset Pvt. Ltd Verified by 158+ customers Twisted Paper Rope Making Machine TRM-500

  • Faridabad
  • Posted on 4th March 2021

Machine Details:-

Prakash TRM-500 is designed to make twisted paper ropes are widely used to make handle for shopping bags. Rope made from the machine can be of different diameters as per the requirement. It’s a high speed and high production twisted paper rope manufacturing machine. Fully automatic and require less manpower to operate. Paper roll of desired width is put at one end and at the other end e-winded twisted rope is made.


Raw Paper Width - 30-100 MM

Rope Diameter - 2-4 MM

Speed - 10-30 M/Min

Diameter Of Coiled Rope - 400×400 mm

The Roll Width - 10-12 MM

Width Of Paper Roll - 90-100 MM

Power Consumption - 500 KG

Machine Weight - 1000*1000*1300 MM

Machine Dimensions - 2200x1200x1100 MM

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